Grease Reducer

Our Grease Reducer specialty product
in your septic tank

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Simple Septic Solutions Grease Reducer releases a broad suite of active bacteria and enzymes, specifically designed to degrade grease, oils, and fats in your drain pipes, septic tank, and leach field. The bacteria are highly effective in breaking down animal and vegetable oils, butters, and grease.

This product is the answer to the problem of grease accumulation in homes, motels, and restaurants.

With every flush, Simple Septic Solutions Grease Reducer releases bacteria strains that contain fatty acid degrading microorganisms, starch and vegetable degraders, and a unique metabolism-catalyst cold-weather strain that contains extracellular lipase, a vigorous biostimulant, and micronutrients.

If you know that excess grease is going down your drains, look no further. Your worries are over! Simple Septic Solutions Grease Reducer will reduce the grease build-up in your septic system, continuously with every flush.

What a simple way to keep your septic system healthy everyday!

Here it is. The lovely, "hummingbird feeder"-like unit that sits in your toilet tank and releases millions of bacteria with every flush.

Hooks easily in your toilet tank!

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