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Our new all-in-one design
that covers all septic systems
in every home & business

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Lasts 4 months!

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Septic System Protector for Every Home releases multiple species of active enzyme-producing bacteria each time you flush that will naturally reestablish your septic system balance in days. The broad spectrum of high-activity organic waste degraders work in warm and cold weather.

If your plumbing is currently backed up, you have septic odors, or your leach field is leaking, this will restore your system within days so that it is flowing smoothly again.

Your drain pipes will clear, your sludge will be eliminated in your septic tank, septic odors will be killed, and your leach field will be restored.

If you don't know of any problems with your septic system, this is the perfect insurance to protect your system from back-up.

You can use dish soaps, laundry detergents, oils, grease, and cleaning solutions (even harsh chemicals, though we hope you won't!) without worrying about destroying your expensive septic system.

You don't need to pour a powdered product down your toilet once a month and hope that it will work. Simple Septic Solutions is guaranteed to work because of the active bacteria that are released with every flush.

Install Septic System Protector for Every Home in your most active toilet, and in the toilet that is furthest away from your septic tank. This way, that bacteria will work on all of the drain pipes in your home or business -- all the way down.

Our unique unit is safe to handle and easy to install. It starts working after the first flush and continues working with each flush for as long as four months.

A simple way to keep your septic system healthy everyday!

Here it is. The lovely, "hummingbird feeder"-like unit that sits in your toilet tank and releases millions of bacteria with every flush.

Hooks easily in your toilet tank!

Septic system insurance

This is a great, green investment!
Your septic system will thank you.

We offer a money-back guarantee on our products because the science behind them guarantees their effectiveness. If we make an error in your shipment or have overlooked a product defect, please contact us and we 1) will send you a Return Material Authorization for return shipment, and 2) upon receipt and within 7 days will ship out a replacement order to you or will refund your money in the same manner as your original payment. We guarantee the effectiveness of our products!

"We are changing the world, one septic system at a time."

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