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What is the advantage of using Simple Septic Solutions (with continual active bacterial additions) versus the powdered and liquid products (using pulse or bolus feeding with bulk dry-spore-forming, resting cells)?

Feeding bacteria and microbial nutrients in a consistent manner better maintains the stability and overall function of the microbial community in your septic system surroundings.

Living cells that are actively dividing can best settle or stabilize a perturbed system because the microbes entering the plumbing are capable of reacting to environmental conditions significantly quicker than monthly, weekly, or daily feeding of dormant non-growing cells.

Powdered and liquid products (using bolus or large pulse feeding) have the disadvantages of destabilizing the microbial community, creating extensive anaerobic conditions that can lead to methane gas production, lack of oxygen in the leach field, and unwanted odors.

What is the advantage of introducing living bacteria cells (as Simple Septic Solutions does) that produce enzymes over introducing enzymes by themselves?

Bacteria produce enzymes that actually do the degradation work, but enzymes by themselves have useful functions for only short periods of time. Bacteria are needed to keep producing the enzymes. A bacteria cell actively producing specific enzymes will outperform the simple addition of a non-specific enzyme and will direct the appropriate enzyme to the right substrate problem in your septic system.

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